10 Simple Ways to be Powerfully Charismatic

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By Carisa Carlton

Whether in business or in dating, authenticity stretches further and lasts longer than the alternative. If you don’t care about setting yourself apart from your competitors, stop reading now and click on something you can use. But, if you want to become better at attracting the right people to your brand (you or your business), consider these suggestions.

1. Show genuine interest when meeting someone. Make eye contact. Listen carefully. Mimic some of their body language: Smile when they do; nod when they do. And, remember their name.


2. Find a common bond. Sometimes this is more challenging than other times, but the sooner you find a common denominator, the sooner you can begin building trust.


3. Show your vulnerable side. Don’t try to win competitions, but instead, try to loose. Downplay your life. Be willing to admit failure. Be impressed with others’ accomplishments. And, highlight others’ strengths.


4. Show compassion. When people are telling you their hardships, listen carefully and at the appropriate time, let them know you have the capacity to relate to their pain by sharing a little about your experience with such matters; or be honest and tell them you have never experienced such a thing, and you cannot imagine what the experience must be like.


5. Search for agreement instead of contradiction. Ask questions about why someone believes what they do rather than putting them on the defensive by attacking their viewpoint.


6. Laugh at your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to look silly.


7. Make people feel interesting. Ask open-ended questions that allow a person to unfold in the manner in which they are most comfortable. Everyone has a story to tell, they just need the right listener.


8. Treat everyone as deserving of respect and kindness. People are judging you by the way you treat others, even if they don’t realize it. Never speak poorly of others.


9. Remember details. People take notice when you remember their name and when you remember details about them even when those details seem meaningless.


10. Never name drop. If you are truly influenced by dignified people in your life, it will show. Say less, listen more.


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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at http://www.carisacarlton.com/ .

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