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By Carisa Carlton

sex beach Laguna BeachCollecting seashells on the beach as a child was fun, but hiking up a short skirt on the beach with the man you love is the best souvenir. California Penal Code Section 314 says no exposing private parts in public, but that doesn’t stop lovers from enjoying a romping quickie on the sand when libidos are as hot as the summer sun.

Planning sex on the beach takes the spontaneity right out of the fun, but if you are in the neighborhood and you want to stop playing it safe, a little privacy can turn ordinary beach sex into a heated full-body experience.  Unless you want to get caught, these quasi-private Laguna beaches are your best bets, but please don’t tell anyone we sent you – especially if you find authorities knocking on your tush.

The Montage Beach

Montage resort laguna beachOn the north end of the Montage Resort, north of the private homes overlooking the park, you will find a concrete ramp leading down to the beach.  When you reach the bottom of the ramp, turn right, walk around the cove and walk around some more rocks to a private sandy spot where no one from above can see you (unless God is watching whether you are naughty or nice).  Take a beach towel or blanket for comfort and have your way with your lover.

Shaw’s Cove

On the north end of Shaw’s Cove lies a small beach that few people know about because you have to walk across eroded rocks where crashing waves will likely soak you.  Between Shaw’s Cove and Crescent Bay, you will find a private area meant for two.  While houses sit above this beach sex spot, they don’t overlook the area directly.  If you aren’t comfortable stripping here, you can always pull aside your thong for a double-time quickie.

Secret Cove

Found by climbing over a boulder or swimming around the boulder at the southern tip of Tablerock Cove, or by walking through the cave at the north end of Thousand Steps Beach.  Be careful as Secret Cove can get a little busy with tourists (by busy we mean two or three other people).  If you visit Secret Cove at night, you are almost guaranteed a private stage.

Thousand Steps Cave

sex on the beachAt the south end of Thousand Steps Beach, a tall, dark and handsome cave towers in the cliff side.  The cave is not exactly beach sex, but the privacy is supreme.  A sheer summer dress and a willing mate is all you need for a quickie in the cave, and you won’t need to worry about dimming the lights.

Woods Cove

Behind the stairs on Woods Cove, a small cave leads through the other side of the beach.  Some people like to walk through the low height cave for fun, while others are happy to lie on the cave’s sand.  Early in the morning or late at night, beach sex is completely private and shielded from the environment, and the darkness gloriously heightens senses.

Moss Point

Moss Point is a bit riskier as it has no hidden spots, but on the north end of the cove, a smooth enclave is naturally carved into the side of the cliff.  In front of this carved out rock lies several boulders to help you stay hidden from the public.  Moss Point is so seldom frequented, it makes for a nice sunset sex on the beach experience.

The Lifeguard Tower on Main Beach

Lifeguard Tower Laguna BeachA locals’ secret:  No lifeguards man the Lifeguard Tower on Main Beach.  However, the tower is locked most of the time.  Some people have been known to pick the lock or break into the tower.*  If you find the Lifeguard Tower open, sex on Main Beach would be an exhilarating new notch.

Getting caught is part of what makes public sex so exciting in elevators, aircraft restrooms, and on the side of the road, but sex on the beach is the most intoxicating of all.


When the tide is high, some of these beaches, coves, and caves are under water.  The best time to have sex on the beach is at low tide, especially on the coves.  Check the tides before you go.  Wee hours in the mornings tend to yield the lowest tides.


But, wait … romance is not the only thing you should know about Laguna’s beaches.  See the best people watching beach.


*Disclaimer:  We do not advocate the destruction of any property, private or public.  Do not, under any circumstances,  cause damage to the Lifeguard Tower.  We will be very mad at you for a long, long time.

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Author: Sarah Whittington

Sarah Whittington is a travel and lifestyle writer for Laguna Beach Gazette.

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