Best Coffee in Laguna Beach: JeanPauls Goodies

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By Carisa Carlton

Best coffee laguna beach jeanpauls goodiesA Laguna Beach icon for 42 years, JeanPauls Goodies serves up the best coffee with the flakiest French pastries you can get outside of Paris. I don’t know of a better barista in Southern California to get cranked up.

Jean Paul blends his own coffee and the formula is quite secretive. He uses only Arabica beans from Columbia and Sumatra. He says it’s not the American way to buy high and sell higher, but his coffee is so good he has never needed to advertise and he has a loyal following at any price.

Not everyone is a Jean Paul fan. Jean Paul is most commonly known as the Coffee Nazi. Consider yourself fairly warned not to mention Starbucks in Jean Paul’s presence otherwise you are likely to be harshly chastised and banned from his establishment. By harshly, I mean vulgar language and insults.

Many people are afraid of being banned from JeanPauls Goodies. Old timers warn Laguna Beach newbies not to order a double vanilla latte, but instead take coffee the way Jean Paul serves it: with a dash of half-and-half.

Jean Paul can be cantankerous at time, but he exhibits a tender disposition to those who order coffee his way. He declined to be photographed and he demanded I not write this article because, “I don’t want those type of people coming in here.” Such is Jean Paul.

Though Jean Paul has no menu and no published prices, he serves fresh baguettes, quiche, croissants, and addictive apricot pastries. I pay whatever price he commands because it’s that good and the total amount seems reasonable enough.

It’s not unusual to find a line out the door in the mornings, nor is it unusual to find the best pastries sold out by 10:00 am. Jean Paul is the only employee and he closes his doors at will, especially on big holidays such as 4th of July weekends.

Ask sweetly for some warm candied grapefruit – some think it makes the coffee taste better.

JeanPauls Goodies

656 N Coast Hwy (at Boat Canyon Road)
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-7832

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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