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Brad GoldstonMarketing and sales guru Brad Goldston is a long-time Orange County resident, who made giving back to the community his full-time gig. As a vice president of event planning agency Expo 4 Life, Goldston and his team bring unique and high-end fundraising events to Southern California, such as food and wine tastings, health and wellness expos, as well as the known annual Gala and Fashion Show Benefit.

“Each event we host, gives back to local Orange County nonprofits,” said Goldston. “It feels good knowing we’re helping others as we work. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Goldston ties that passion to the way he grew up, as he remembers himself enjoying talking to different people all the time. He describes himself as an outgoing, active and kind person, people often mistake him as a quiet one, even though as a child, he’d rather spend all night talking on the phone, than do anything else. He’s always viewed his friends as a significant part of his life and a necessary support system everybody should have. Gladston’s religious affiliation as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the family values play a big part too. In fact, he describes his perfect happiness as spending time with loved ones, and having strong health and sufficient money to be able to do that.

Goldston graduated from Brigham Young University and after bouncing from sales job to sales job, he finally decided to stop selling for everyone else and started Expo 4 Life according to own vision.

“It’s been a challenge starting from scratch, networking, meeting new people and bringing together community and business, but it’s all been worth it,” said Goldston. “I have a great schedule, meet a lot of new people and make new friends every day. Not to mention, we’re doing great things for local charities.”

According to Goldston, you have to let others help you as well, in order to reach success. Especially, when it comes doing business based on communications.

“Find the right people, the people that make you better and can lift you up,” he said. “A good leader partners with good leaders. Together, they make a mastermind group that can accomplish anything.”

Goldston has a goal of raising $1 million for good causes within a year. Expo 4 Life works with several charity and non-profit organizations, but he has a special personal connection to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, after losing his grandmother to a form of lymphoma.

This Thursday will be the fourth consecutive year that Expo 4 Life with Essex Skyline and other businesses around OC to put on a luxurious fashion show headlined by La Perla lingerie, Max Mara, HUGO by Hugo Boss and Baccarat jewelry, as long as a silent auction, to donate to blood cancer research.

“LLS does so much good from research to helping families with their medical bills,” said Goldston. “They are a nationwide charity, but the Southern California Chapter really needs our help.”

However, while Goldston tries to make a difference at his work every day, he believes in drawing a clear line between professional and personal life.

“Too often we bring work home with us or set aside our personal needs all in the name of “work”. There must be a balance and moderation or we will work ourselves to death,” he said. “Put away the electronics <…> just relax and enjoy life. It’s so short, nothing is worth missing an opportunity to spend time with a loved one.”

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