Hot to Watch: Chris Keller

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By Carisa Carlton

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Chris Keller

chris keller laguna beach

Chris Keller with fiancée Amy Amaradio

As focused as a bullet in flight, Chris Keller is blazing a steady acquisition trail of restaurants and hotels like most of us only do in a good game of Monopoly.

Keller moved to Laguna Beach in 2002 when he acquired the historical La Casa del Camino with partners Richard Ham and Takao Shinomiya. Since then, he acquired (or opened) K’ya Bistro, The Rooftop Lounge, House of Big Fish, Marine Room, Palpa Bar & Lounge, American Tavern Eatery & Drink, and Hotel Menage – all under the umbrella of Casa Resorts.

This year Keller is partnering with fiancée Amy Amaradio to open Juice and Shakes in May, an all organic juice bar on Pacific Coast Highway in the formerly Häagen-Dazs® space between Laguna South Coast Theatre and The Village Mart.

If a man’s worth is measured by the way he speaks about the women in his life, Keller would be a rich man without owning a single property.  Keller spoke of Amaradio, her daughter, and their now 8-week old baby boy with exquisite devotion. That was all I needed to know about the man collecting two-hundred Laguna dollars every time he passes Go.

What I like about Keller: Willingness to be vulnerable; humble lifestyle; authenticity and transparency.

Connect with Chris Keller on Twitter and check him out (and La Casa del Camino) in this fashionable video.

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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  1. Why would she get pregnant again whenyou already have a baby with down syndrome not a good idea

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