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By Carisa Carlton

Crescent-Bay Ron AzevedoCrescent Bay is about one-quarter mile long, located where Cliff Drive and Viejo converge off North Coast Highway. Popular activities are skimboarding, skin and scuba diving, body surfing, body boarding, and tide pooling. About 120 yards offshore at the northern end of Crescent Bay Point sits Bird Rock and Seal Rock, named for the seals that lounge in the sun on it and who often come out to play with swimmers.

Crescent Bay Laguna BeachThe southern point of Crescent Bay has some of the most remarkable erosion in Laguna Beach. Deep crevices have been formed, allowing rushing waves to penetrate deep into rocks jetting into the water. At low tide, the water leaves abundant creatures on the rock’s surface. You will find large starfish, anemones, crab, small fish, and plenty of mussels.

Just behind the southern tip, you will find another small beach absent of visitors. This beach should only be accessed at low tide, and make sure you know when the tide is scheduled to come back in because you cannot climb out without professional climbing gear and ropes.

At low tide, you can walk on the rocks around the cliff to Shaw’s Cove for some of Laguna Beach’s best snorkeling and scuba diving.

When visiting Crescent Bay Beach, park in the non-metered neighborhood. The surrounding mansions and the gardens are so beautiful, you might think you are in Monte Carlo or some exotic land. The beach itself has a tropical feel. The water is clear. Palm trees wave in the wind. Crescent Bay Beach is a wonderful place to take children.

For a spectacular view, drive to Crescent Bay Point. Crescent Bay Drive is not easy to find and if you ask locals, they may not even know how to find it. From Laguna Beach town center, drive north on Pacific Coast Highway. Pass Boat Canyon Road intersection. You will see a Shell gas station on the right hand side. About 100 feet past the gas station, you will see a small Crescent Bay Drive street sign on your left. Turn left, and follow the road to the end. Park your car, and walk to the point marked by a large grass garden opening. Prepared for your breath to be whisked away. Looking straight ahead, you will see Seal Rock. To the south, you have a bird’s eye view of Crescent Bay. To the north, you can see Emerald Bay. Behind you, mansions perched on the cliff’s side. Listen for the mocking bird who sings all day every day. You will also find two large bronze sculptures in the gardens.

Watch this video of Crescent Bay Point:



If you don’t go anywhere else in Laguna Beach, go to Crescent Bay Point and beach.

Feature photo by Ron Azevedo.  All Rights Reserved.


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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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