Hot to Watch: Dan Delaney

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Dan DelaneySupported by his bass playing father, Dan Delaney began playing jazz on the piano when he was only 9 years old. Delaney was so inspired as a youngster that he attended the Berklee College of Music in 1975 before he even finished high school.

During his steady 35 years of writing, playing, and teaching, Delaney managed to produce “Play Piano in Six Weeks or Less,” a book published by Sterling Publishing with over 200,000 copies sold. This success fueled his creative side making him feel he had more information he wanted to share with the world. In fact, Delaney is working on 3 more books.

Delaney claims he was the first to give piano playing instructions via computer video technology in 1989. Using Skype, he says he taught piano to students internationally – students he says he retains to this day.

Delaney was the featured pianist on “Phoenix,” a tribute to the great Cannonball Adderley which was led by alto player Chris Stewart.  The album reached #13 on Billboard Jazz Charts.

Earthworks High Definition Microphones which retail in the $5,000 range named Delaney in their limited list of talented artists, engineers, and producers using their equipment right next to Dave Grusin and Stevie Wonder.

Delaney donates  piano performance time to nonprofits in the community.  He supplied the music to the Glenwood House for their grand opening and he has other performances coming up such as the August 10th, Madison Square- to Benefit the Glenwood House.

Delaney formed a Meetup group called Jazz Fanz. The group has frown to 100 people in a short time and members are looking to Delaney to direct them to jazz performances in South Orange County.  Delaney is actively setting his sights on local venues  to help support other Jazz Artists in the area and have a good time, of course.

Delaney considers himself creative, sensitive, and personable. He believes community participation is one of the most important morals – and he lives that belief. He is living his dream by getting up every morning and doing what he loves to do: playing the piano (and hiking up and down Thousand Steps every morning).

Delaney’s advise to others: Don’t let other aspirations disrupt your path.

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Author: Carisa Carlton

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