Diving Diver’s Cove | Laguna Beach

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By Carisa Carlton

Leopard shark laguna beachSome of my funnest times in Laguna Beach was at Diver’s Cove.  I had my first leopard shark experience there; I went on my first sunset swim there; and I discovered the underwater terrain’s journal-inspiring diversity here. Check out the leopard sharks and the underwater lagoons in the video below.

When the marine parks are as rich as those in Laguna Beach, snorkeling is just as much fun as scuba diving without lugging a tank and weights down the stairs and across the sand. If you insist on diving, connect with South Coast Divers for group diving fun and a more enriching experience. I recommend the south end reef.

diving laguna beach

Floating in the sea grass on a shallow reef is like being in your own private aquarium. The waves pull and push you, but your mind is far away.


When you love something, or someone, you want to protect it. That’s why I get angry when I see people leave their trash on the beach.  Please show the highest respect for the environment when you are in Laguna Beach.

Getting to Diver’s Cove, Laguna Beach

diver's cove laguna beachI swim to Diver’s Cove from Shaw’s Cove. But, you can also get there by walking around the north reef in front of Heisler Park.



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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at http://www.carisacarlton.com/ .

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  1. That was a great diving video however it concerns me that you are diving with your snorkel in your mouth when you are submerged . One of the first rules of freediving is to spit the snorkel out after you take your last breath before diving down . It drastically reduces the risk of swallowing water in the event of a shallow water blackout . This comment is only supposed to educate beginner divers or more seasoned divers that have never taken a course . Great article again . Freediving is a dangerous thing to do without a little training .

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    • Hi Ross,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion with our readers, I appreciate your expertise and I hope readers take your advice.

      Regardless of the free diving tactics, what do you think of those leopard sharks? Love diving with them. – Carisa Carlton

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