HAHN: The Big Picture

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james kahn artistsWhat happens when two people proficient in art, music, writing and sales, marry and combine talents? You get the artist team of James R. Hahn Productions.

James R. Hahn is a Florida native who, for the past 37 years, has created custom art for major companies worldwide. Kay Hahn is an artist and accomplished author with her second book coming out this year.

The Back Story

While James was earning his college art degree, a young entrepreneur named Xavier Roberts walked in and asked for the college’s most talented art student. Xavier hired James to create murals in an old clinic building, while Xavier developed “Little People” dolls with an unusual twist: The dolls came with adoption papers. The Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon began in that clinic building, eventually becoming a worldwide, billion-dollar toy empire.

With James’ first major work of his career becoming a huge success, his work was in demand. James met his wife, Kay, who owned her own gallery of art and the two became best friends. Kay had already honed her skills as an artist, an author, and in the disciplines of Taekwondo. Sharing their love for the same styles of music and art, the couple formed the music group Beat Zero, writing & performing original songs, & running recording studios. Their work was featured on ESPN, at the Apollo Theater, and on major radio stations in the US. The Hahn’s became a sought-after branding team that developed album covers, jingles, and more.

The artist duo owned studios in Augusta, Ga, Clearwater, FL, and Costa Rica. BMG brought them in to consult on Central American music artists’ mixes. Hahn’s company sponsored the international film festival there, and the group Slavon, was signed to their label, gaining notoriety on TV & Radio. ASCAP utilized the Hahns’ expertise in the Intellectual property arena for over 6 years.

james kahn artistsJames & Kay then renewed their art business in the US, showing their work in their privately-owned galleries & at events. They were hired to create branded art for companies including Tequila Patrón, Trend-Group Italy, Marriott, Institute for International Research & more. The Hahn’s have designed murals & monuments that defy size & expectations, and star as keynote speakers. Their “Live Painting Exhibitions” include video projection and motivational speaking by Kay while James starts and finishes a painting before the audiences against the constraints of time. In 2014, the duo were featured artists at the international FEI event at the Boston Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center and headliners for the annual Dave & Buster’s Client Appreciation event at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Kay’s book “Spin It to Win It” is due soon.

The Hahn’s have now expanded their work to the west coast of California. Their exhibitions are available for corporate and charity events. The Hahn slogan is “We Help our Clients see the BIG Picture”. Their work can be seen at jamesrhahn.com and their Live Painting Exhibitions demo can be viewed at tinyurl.com/hahnshow

Kay Hahn c/o P.O. Box 1071, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
Phone (863) 253-1053


E-mail james@jamesrhahn.com

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at http://www.carisacarlton.com/ .

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  1. Breathtaking artwork and beautiful people!!

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  2. Every project from Hahn, regardless of subject matter is perfection, breathtaking & full of light.

    Blue skys forever for J&K!

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