Laguna Beach Charities and Their Salaries

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By Carisa Carlton

I went on a quest to discover how much Laguna Beach charities are paying their executives. I expected to find at least one charity paying an executive a ridiculous, unreasonable salary. But, when I began digging into charities with more than a million dollars in assets, I found just the opposite: Laguna Beach 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations surprisingly pay their executives nothing, or the salaries are reasonable given the workload, revenues, and expertise required to manage such an organization.

I don’t know much about tax returns, but I can read the bottom line. ┬áBased upon 2011 tax returns, here are the Laguna Beach charities with more than $1 million in assets, their revenues, their top paid executives, and the executive salaries.

501(c)(3) Charity2011 Total Revenue2011 Total AssetsHighest Paid ExecutiveSalary
501(c)(3) Charity2011 Total Revenue2011 Total AssetsHighest Paid ExecutiveSalary
Assistance League of Laguna Beach$368, 595$1,635,661Karen Mauro, PresidentNo reported executive salaries
Bergman Family Foundation$72,739$1,062,973James R. Bergman, President & CFONo reported executive salaries
Blue Bell Foundation for Cats$182 163.$1,368,948Susan Hamil, PresidentNo reported executive salaries
California Bankruptcy Forum$469,145$810,167Christopher Celentino, PresidentNo reported executive salaries
Euraupair International Inc.$4, 002,170$5,382,870William Gustafson, President and Chief Executive Officer $87, 170 + 321,890 in other compensation
Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach$9,140,162 $12,664,305Diane L Challis, Pageant Director $120,610 + $17,500 in other compensation
Garrick Foundation for the Advancement of the Risk Sciences, B. John, The$93,500$1,293,455B John Garrick, President & DirectorNo reported executive salaries
Hexberg Family Foundation, The$1,914,567$12,419,949Gregory Hexberg, Jill Hexberg, & Deborah L Hexberg, TrusteesNo reported executive salaries
Kirchgessner Foundation, Karl, The$879,697$16,988,015Karl F Kramer, Vice President $53,975
Laguna Art Museum$1,462,146$3,844,329Malcom Warner, Executive DirectorNo reported executive salaries
Laguna Beach Community Clinic$2,235,236 $1,661,251Thomas C Bent, MD, Medical Director $202,478 + $4,298 in other compensation
Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Foundation$137,983$3,164,686Scott Moore, PresidentNo reported executive salaries
Laguna Board of Realtors$429,004$1,133,978Gary Boisen, PresidentNo reported executive salaries
Laguna College of Art and Design$11,179,101 $6,341,783Jonathan Burke, CFO$158,056 + $28,261 in other compensation
Pacific Marine Mammal Center$1,518,966$1,864,839Mary Michele Hunter, Director of Animal Care $84,872
World Heritage International Student Exchange Programs, Inc.$0$1,292,940Peter Hayes, COO / Executive Director$58, 380 + $ 54,280 in other compensation

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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1 Comment

  1. Editor-

    Having been a newspaper publisher for over 19 newspapers an article like this was always fodder for the gossip mill. Not to mention the number of complaints I received from non profit CEOs who wanted their salaries buried in the internet

    You are quite right. These salaries are low or reasonable. I believed unreported is anything under. $50,000. The next story might include non profits located in our community but actually organized and reporting elsewhere.

    These could include hospitals and other health care organizations. And for the public record you should list the public salaries of the top administrators of or schools and local governments

    The twist needs to include their benifit packages including pension or retirement plans.

    Good job !!

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