GOP Candidate for Governor Andrew Blount’s Suspicious Twitter Account

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By Carisa Carlton

GOP Candidate for Governor, Mayor Andrew Blount, operates a suspicious Twitter account that London’s Status People indicates is 100% fake.

Mayor blount fake followers

When you see someone with 172,000 followers on Twitter, they are usually a celebrity, a well-known establishment, or someone who worked their bottoms off building an account. When that same Twitter account follows only 532 people with only 135 tweets, and the account is not held by a celebrity, the account is suspicious: The metrics don’t stand to reason.

Mayor Andrew Blount

Celebrities commonly pad their Twitter accounts with fake followers to reach more impressive numbers. Mayor Blount, however, is not a celebrity. He is a small town mayor with hopes of becoming California’s governor and his credibility is dwindling after the discovery of his fake followers Twitter account.

When asked about the 172,000 followers on his account, Mayor Blount responded, “I am staring at followers I personally know. I did not use Twitter bots. There’s no way I control who follows me. This is not a big part of my campaign.”

While it’s true that someone else could dump fake followers onto Mayor Blount’s Twitter account without his knowledge, we would have to wonder why steps were not taken to resolve this issue.

My advice to Mayor Blount: First, temporarily privatize your Twitter account so no one else can follow you; contact @Twitter and ask them to help you dump fake followers; once the matter is resolved, change your settings back to  public and block any new fake followers immediately.


04/07/2014 16:30 PST: Though Mayor Blount is taking action to reduce the 172,000 fake followers on his Twitter account, he doesn’t consider the fake followers as worthy of ranking in his top 10 issues. He is now down to 164,000 followers. The other GOP Candidates for California governor, Tim Donnely and Neel Kashkari, were mysteriously silent about Mayor Blount’s fake Twitter account today.

Meanwhile, Marin based Secretary of State candidate, David Curtis wants to know if fake followers get to vote in this playful tweet:

A number of concerned citizens have asked me how to identify fake followers. Read this article on 11 Easy Ways To Spot a Fake Twitter Account.

Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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  1. Small mind politics

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  2. “Suspicious”? I just looked at his followers and they are FAKE. Blount tried to dismiss by saying on Twitter that he iss trying to get rid of inactives. They are fake, not inactives. Call a spade a spade. Blount bought fake followers. inactives my ass.

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  3. Blount tweeted that he is fixing the problem and said he should be down to 20k followers within 48 hours – doubt even 20k is real. Disturbing he doesn’t think 172,000 fake followers is significant issue in the election.

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  4. Yet one more reason to urge Democrats to get out and VOTE! It seems to me that chicanery is the way of the right.

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