Best Places to Meet Singles

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By Sarah Whittington

meet singlesOur most common response to Single in Laguna has little to do with who should pay for dinner, or how to improve their love life. Perhaps because they have no love life and hence the reason for reading this column in the first place. Oh dear. People want to know where they should go to meet singles. It’s simple, really.

Women love all things horses. Perhaps it’s the power they hold, the trust they can secure, or the smell of a worn saddle. Whatever “it” is, ponies, not diamonds, are a girl’s best friend. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded with equestrian centers, corrals, and stables. Take a chance on meeting a woman at a riding center. She’ll be in her happiest state of mind (until she meets you), and she will be au naturel. Be warned, however, horses are an expensive habit. That’s why riding is the sport of kings.

Anywhere that serves cold, tasty drinks is a good place to meet men. The challenge is finding the establishment that attracts the right kind of men. If you fancy red-wing bad boys, any draft beer serving dive bar at 10 p.m. will do the trick. Your preference is more likely a slickly shaven, politely mannered gentleman who wouldn’t dare ignore your “No” cries; and in that case, you’ll want to frequent places that serve their own line of signature cocktails at young man prices.

Another option is going to organized events. This can get a bit tricky because you must plan around the times, you may feel compelled to dress a bit fancier ($$$), and you will buy a ticket, usually in advance. However, organized events are bubbling over with men and women just dying to meet you. Before you buy tickets, find out from the event organizers what general age group you can expect to find at their party. They should know the demographics of their party goers. Locally, Brad Goldston does a good job of organizing and hosting such events.

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is wildly popular in Laguna Beach. “Interest in stand-up paddling, according to Marine Safety officials and business owners, has surged in recent years, with instructors from around the region heading to the shoreline to lead groups of people on the water,” according to Coastline Pilot. SUP had the highest percentage of first time participants with 56 percent of participants trying it for the first time. SUPCO in Laguna Beach is busiest on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m., so these times might be good to learn a new sport and meet new people.

Churches and other places of worship are a good place to meet other singles. Choose an organization that best matches your core values and belief system. The larger the congregation, the better your chances of finding singles oriented events.

Laguna Beach has about 30 beaches, coves, and bays. Even on the stormiest days, you will find someone meditating, exercising, or hungry for conversation. Beach goers tend to be in their most natural state – sans the Coach handbags. The smaller beaches, such as Moss Point, tend to be the best beaches for striking up a conversation.

Small grocery stores after yoga and workouts bustle with fit singles. Apparently, Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa is located near a couple of 24 Hour Fitness clubs and a few yoga centers. After business hours and weekends are the best times to look your best while squeezing the fruits for freshness.

Where should we tell other singles go to meet you?

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Author: Sarah Whittington

Sarah Whittington is a travel and lifestyle writer for Laguna Beach Gazette.

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