Moss Point Beach Romance | Laguna Beach

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By Sarah Whittington

Moss Point Ron Azevedo

When one thinks of Laguna Beach, images of beach volleyball, surfing, and shopping quickly cloud the mind.  But, Moss Point Beach will make couples think again. One flight down worn wooden stairs at the western edge of Moss Street lays a small patch of golden sand that sets the mood for romance with virile bluffs framing the small cove.

The miles of cliff-lined ocean that parallel Pacific Coast Highway are all scenic, but Moss Point Beach beats out nearby stretches for its secluded rocky cove and unusual north-end rock formation, earning the beach a top ranking spot for dramatic landscape.

Moss Point Ron AzevedoLocated between Woods Cove and Rockledge, Moss Point Beach is known to snorkelers and divers both for its marine life and the steep ocean drop off on the south end.

When you want a beach paradise to yourself without children shouting in the background, Moss Point Beach delivers.  Moss Point may be small, but it makes a big impression.


The entire Moss Point waters are considered a rip current, and as such the beach is not suitable for children or inexperienced swimmers.

At high tide, the entire beach may be under water or the waves break at the top of the beach. If you go to Moss Point at high tide, you will likely get soaked.

At low tide, you can climb over and on top of the ragged boulders jetting out of the water. Tide pools are excellent.

You’ll probably need something romantic to wear to Moss Point.  Read the pointers on buying fine cloths at vintage prices in Laguna Beach.

Feature Photos by Ron Azevedo.  All Rights Reserved.

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Author: Sarah Whittington

Sarah Whittington is a travel and lifestyle writer for Laguna Beach Gazette.

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  1. Thanks Don, it is so important to be rendmied of that deeper river- I sometimes find myself caught up in the illusion of the moment. As I slip out of the stream to the side and watch I see it as what it is and I can go back in knowing I am heading towards the deeper river behind and in front of it all. Blessings, Larry

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