Hot to Watch: Tyler Russell; Greer Wylder

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By Carisa Carlton

This week’s hotties will receive a $50 gift certificate to Vogue Salon in Laguna Beach on Pacific Coast Highway next door to the Laguna Bookstore. 

Tyler Russell

tyler russellWelcome to the quickly evolving world of Tyler Russell. Russell is one of the hottest up-and-comers in Laguna Beach right now, thanks to the success of KX 93.5, the alternative-rock radio station he founded in 2012 and to the  fall 2013 music festival, which turned out to be the most well attended event in Laguna Beach outside of the Festival of Arts.

Russell recently agreed to operate another radio station for Firebrand Media’s One Laguna on Forest Avenue – launching February 1st – to reach a distinctly different demographic with mostly talk shows. He is planning a spring gala at a private residence that will be a more intimate evening, and he will host more music festivals this year.  Connect with Tyler Russell to stay updated on this year’s most happening events.

Why I like Russell: He has a confident, youthful exuberance. His energy and excitement for the future is contagious. He’s downright fun. Russell is somebody you want to know and be around.

When he is not working, Russell is playing tennis or learning to surf. You can also find him at Hennessy’s karaoke bar, or with his girlfriend at Mare or K’ya Bistro for happy hour sunsets.


Greer Wylder

Greer Wylder

Greer Wylder is a beautiful mother of 4 boys who founded and grew Greer’s OC, the popular Orange County fashion, events and retail website, to more than 10,000 subscribers. The one-time columnist for the Daily Pilot has made a sterling reputation for not only providing the latest information on OC fashion, food, and shopping to her loyal followers, she also gives exposure and a strong voice to the vast sea of small shops and businesses that may otherwise fly under the county’s radar.

Wylder has worked tirelessly on behalf of juvenile diabetics – as a board member for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and most recently serving as Executive Producer of “The Human Trial” a documentary about that follows three research teams in the race to cure diabetes, the fastest growing diseases in the U.S.

If that’s not enough, four years ago during a visit to Kenya, Wylder took two under-privileged young adults and took them under her wing and is raising money so they can attend college. And Greer, an avid marathon runner, 21 total, and athlete, once penned an LA Times Op-Ed that led LA Marathon organizers to change the route to pay homage to the region’s history and best scenery.

What I like about Wylder: She maintained her dignity through adversity, she takes action, and she exudes compassion. Wylder represents the kind of leadership young women need.

When Wylder is not working, she likes to run, travel, cook, and spend time with her boys and friends. Splashes at Surf and Sand is one of her favorite Laguna Beach hang-outs.

Connect with Greer Wylder on Facebook.

Who do you think we should feature next week on People to Watch?

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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