Hot to Watch in Laguna Beach

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By Carisa Carlton

Laguna Beach Gazette is launching a weekly “People to Watch” column featuring the city’s motivated movers and shakers. Each Wednesday, we will tell you about fresh new faces that you simply must get to know. We are kicking off People to Watch with Ty Loomis and Laura Ann Henkels, who will receive a gift certificate from the fashion forward Vogue Salon in Laguna Beach.

ty loomisTy Loomis is a former 13-year AVP professional beach volleyball player who toured the world and won the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Pan-American silver medal before settling in Laguna Beach.

In 2012, Loomis co-founded Intellectual Revolution (IntelRev) with Matt McKinney. IntelRev focuses on personal growth, global evolutionary challenges, and direct positive action combining Hulu, Youtube, and Wikipedia style content on one website. IntelRev’s conscious intellectuals are moving the world on an enlightened path to liberty, harmony, and sustainability.

Motivated by education and empowerment, Loomis demonstrates a strong entrepreneurial desire to become the largest education + action website in the world; and he is playing a powerful role in the evolution of humanity with his in-depth understanding of global challenges.

When Loomis is not working, you might find him teaching volleyball to youngsters or hitting the ball with his peers on Emerald Bay. Keep your eye on Loomis. Not only is he intelligent and destined for greatness, he is adorably kind – and single. Connect with Ty Loomis on Twitter.


Laura Ann HenkelsLaura Ann Henkels is a high-energy master networker with a passion for connecting and engaging business owners. She is the new events and marketing coordinator for the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, and she’s planning all the major (and fun) community events to engage small and large businesses. One of Henkels goals is to deliver educational and inspirational workshops and seminars to small businesses so they stay inspired and connected locally.

Formerly, Henkels grew the Los Angeles Times business section in national advertising by over 200%, and she grew an investment portfolio from $0 to $5 million in one year as a private wealth manager for Citi. With a solid planning next generation solutions background, Henkels is an ideal fit for expanding the Chamber’s reach and influence.

Born and raised in Southern California, Henkels’ drive is powered by her love for the Laguna Beach community. Instead of Return on Investment (ROI), Henkels advocates Return on Involvement.

Besides smart and beautiful, Henkels has solid values and she generates business ideas faster than I can write them. She is dedicated to supporting Surfer’s Healing, a non-profit organization that takes autistic kids surfing, and she is raising two boys as a single mother.

When Henkels is not working, you might find her hiking El Moro trails, or catching the sunset from the Rooftop Lounge. Connect with Laura Ann Henkels on LinkedIn.

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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