Hot to Watch: Robin Strickler

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Hot to Watch is sponsored by the elegant Vogue Salon in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, where beautiful hair is their passion.

Robin StricklerDesign Works head interior designer Robin Strickler grew up with a sense of perfection, direction and creativity. She says, as a little girl, she had to make sure every doll she owned made a fashion statement, and she’d constantly tell her mother which pair of shoes to wear.

Today it is her full-time job to make sure the surroundings of Orange County residents are nothing less than beautiful. Holding a liberal arts degree in fashion merchandising, Strickler has an impressive background of working for Guess, and developing her passion for chic interiors upon moving to Newport Beach, attending the Interior Design Institute, and establishing her design studio 20 years ago.

“The experience of both the fashion world and the design trade morphed into my perfect vision of timeless design,” said Strickler. “That is how I have been able to thrive and help bring my clients dreams to fruition.”

Nothing like the views and the laid-back and relaxed vibe of Laguna Beach inspire Strickler. The combination of an artsy community with beautiful backdrops, as well as its edgy side and the quest to think outside the box help her create her chic signature designs.

“I feel so fortunate to live in the OC and realize we work in the most beautiful area with an abundance of great resources,” she said. “Just having so much coastal access and beauty helps create a timeless, cohesive interior.”

Robin StricklerShe feels responsible to not only create high-end and sophisticated spaces for their own sake, but also responsible for her clients’ happiness. Strickler says her favorite part of having a business is bringing people the joy of turning a regular house into a cozy home, and the peace that comes with that. Always striving for balance in work and personal life, she believes it should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, body and soul.

“I am somewhat of a chameleon and can work with many personalities,” Strickler said. “My friends would describe me as a go getter and somewhat of a “scrapper” who never gives up!”

According to Strickler, she owes that to the way she grew up. Raised in a family keen on sports, they had season tickets to everything from football to hockey, developing her competitive edge. As Strickler remembers, it helped foster her belief in her own vision and a constant quest to go to the next level.

And that was definitely an important trait to develop, as it pulled Design Works through the recession.

Strickler said, “Emerging as strong if not stronger then my firm was years ago has helped me realize that I will be a designer for many more years.”

Learn more about Robin Strickler at Design Works.

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Author: Carisa Carlton

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