Roderick Reed: Laguna Beach Interior Designer

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By Carisa Carlton

Roderick ReedTouching, feeling, sensing every hue, every sound, every fragrance, Laguna Beach’s interior designer, Roderick Reed is unlike any other traditional designer.


Penetrating the psyche of his clients, Reed creates designs around inhabitants’ unique personalities and life experiences.  Reed prides himself on creating transcending palettes and individualistic embellishments for inimitable homes instead of having a signature look.


Combining artifacts clients already own – from paintings, photographs, accessories, and travel collections – Reed consummates imaginative ideas with inexhaustible inspiration.


Reed invests his soul into each project, making it difficult to choose a favorite.  “Often…I don’t want to leave,” Reed says of each design’s completion.


Reed educates clients on budgets and presents all construction and design proposals before beginning a project to ensure the client experiences no surprises.  Reed meets client demands by shopping anywhere from Target to the highest end suppliers.  If he cannot buy it, he creates and builds it.


Reed is an accomplished artist with an extensive collection of oil paintings.  Reed can duplicate any master painting, but his real passion for painting lies in creating sophisticated plein airs with mysterious magentas, creamy yellows, and courageous blues.  Reed painted and cultivated a cosmopolitan collection of sexy shoes that would convert any wall into a trendsetting showroom.


Reed naturally recognizes and appeals to the senses.  He knows how he feels and he knows how to make anything beautiful.


Family Life


Carisa CarltonReed’s Laguna Beach home reflects his grounded, quality of life values – impeccably organized cushiony leathers, jewel lighting, and genteel fabrics without a hint of pretentiousness.


Reed’s appreciation for beauty, intelligence, and success radiates in his prideful smile as he talks about his stunning wife of 20 years, “She is an accomplished, powerful woman and mother who sets good examples for our children.


Reed lives a romanticized life with his wife and their two children, who he raises with old-fashioned values, such as respect for their mother and everyone else.  He wants his boys to be sensitive with thoughtful regard for women.


Reed teaches his boys how to utilize tools to build and create what they cannot find.  Reed’s boys excel in sports and at school, and, in that regard, both boys earned high achievements in Boy Scouts at an early age.


Reed provides his boys with depth of experience and well-rounded perspectives so they are fully equipped to cope with life’s issues.  Reed teaches his children to become men:  Make confident decisions; appreciate all forms of beauty; and, live life to the fullest.  He wants them to find their own romanticized version of their lives…and live it.


Laguna Beach


Reed describes Laguna Beach as a ‘little pocket of buzz’.  No matter what direction he turns, the ocean air contains a buzzing feeling, an invigorating energy, which makes him feel alive.


Everywhere I look, I find beauty in Laguna Beach,” Reed says, “The color of the ocean, Reedesign Interiorsthe hues on the canyon…the quality of light changes every day.


One of Reed’s favorite places is the trail behind Alta Laguna Park at Top of the World.  From that trail, one can continue in any direction to experience a natural setting, and at night, the howling coyotes are heard from long distances.


Reed likes to walk the trail Northeast to the water tower naturally integrated into indigenous flora.  Only locals know about it, and one can see cities, ocean, or canyons in every direction from the 360 degree view.


Constructed after the Laguna Beach 1993 fires, the water tower provides residents with water pressure they did not have before it was built.  One would never know the water tower is behind Alta Laguna Park, as it looks like just another hill in the landscape, which Reed appreciates and values.


Reed established his design firm, Reedesign Interiors, in 1999.  For more information about Roderick Reed and Reedesign Interiors, visit

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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