Ron Azevedo: Spellbinding Laguna Beach Photography

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Moss Point Ron AzevedoBy Carisa Carlton

As one of the most directional and vital international photography talents fueling the Laguna Beach scene right now, Ron Azevedo presents spellbinding style with a new tone of voice that enchants color lovers, draws them in, and seduces them like a tawdry voiced chanteuse.

Light a stogie, swirl a scotch, and fix your sights onto Azevedo’s warm sunset glow over a mysteriously inviting blue body of water. Like a light bulb in a darkroom, a luscious haired nymph sentimentally toying with Poseidon’s heart on the nakedness of the sea appears to the most imaginative. For those less fortunate, images of waves caressing the sand deliver profound peace of mind.

Starfish-Healing Ron AzevedoThe self-taught, National Geographic award-winning photographer begins each photograph with a vision fueled by his hunger to capture a better shot. Using a Canon 50D and 16-35mm ultra wide-angle lens, Azevedo brilliantly captures the Pacific Ocean’s tempestuous moods. The prolific photographer captures snails, flowers, and international cities with the same passion for perfection as his seascapes. This year’s Festival of Arts exhibits feature Azevedo’s hauntingly beautiful Chernobyl  images, evoking nostalgia and sweeping viewers away from other booths.

A family man dedicated to his Peruvian wife and two adult children, Azevedo, who began his photographic journey at 8-years old, remains heart-warmingly humble despite national acclaim:

“Photography is always a learning experience, there’s always something new. I still feel at the bottom knowing how much more I need to learn and grow. I am humbled by the attention I get.”

Azevedo attributes his success to studying good photographers’ work, constantly absorbing the work of famed photographers, until composition became second nature to him. The picture hungry photographer is never satisfied with images he captures, but he finds happiness in continuously producing new, fresh subjects – keeping collectors wondering what he will show next.

Water-Nymph Ron AzevedoWhile other photographers focus on capturing the perfect shot of their intended subject, Azevedo finds beauty in everything around him. While slowing the shutter speed to capture the waters movement, he makes quick camera adjustments to grab the sea’s wind filling a boat’s sail, the feathers of a pelican’s spread wings, a surfer’s barrel ride, or anything that catches his eye.

Azevedo finds Laguna Beach presenting him with the best photographic opportunities, though like many locals, he must plan his time around the golden hours and tides for the finest exposures.

Extensive worldwide travel studying others’ lives, religions, and history helps Azevedo tell significant cultural stories through his lens’ eyes and he delivers those stories on rich archival quality paper to buyers.

View Ron Azevedo’s extensive portfolio and connect with him on Facebook for new release updates.

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All photos ©Ron Azevedo.

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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