Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Event Announcements and Articles

*Your copy should be between 200 and 500 words. Provide details of where, when, and why people should care.

*Include 2 high quality photographs representing you or your work. Resize your photographs so they are no larger than 50kb. Laguna Beach Gazette readers are predominantly mobile device readers, so they need to download content fast.

*Look at Laguna Beach Gazetteā€™s categories and photographs. Tell me where you think your submission fits. Be sure to send photos that match the look and feel we publish.

*How you write is a reflection of you. Choose whatever voice you like, but remember authenticity wins every time.

*Send your copy and your photographs together. We won’t search through my emails trying to match your content with your photos.

*Send each press release, article, or announcement in a separate email with the corresponding photos.

*Submit your copy in MS Word or as text in an email. Do not send PDFs.

Here is an example of a perfect event announcement, though yours doesn’t need to be this long.

If you do not comply with the above requirements, you will not be notified.

Email your submission to:

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.