Hot to Watch: Trapdoor Social

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By Carisa Carlton

Definitely the hottest new Southern California band to watch, Trapdoor Social is making waves with emotive, alternative pop music and new fashioned adorableness.

Trapdoor Social 2Trapdoor Social was formed by musicians Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk. Graves is a persistent day-trading introvert unsatisfied with the status quo; Funk is a gregarious, inquisitive, not-afraid-to-cry artist driven by love.  Their combined dynamic qualities create a duo limited to nothing but magical energy.

Fresh, inspiring lyrics provoke thought while representing wisdom earned beyond their years: Fight like you’re not scared to die; dream like you are seventeen; hanging from a rope that never ends.

Trapdoor Social’s extended play (EP) is scheduled for May 20, 2014 with plans to donate 100% of the proceeds to a solar energy project in Los Angeles in collaboration with Homeboy Industries. Graves and Funk both write the band’s music.

While giving away all the proceeds to their first album may not be the wisest financial decision, the men say they are more concerned with raising awareness of renewable energy. Funk wants to make a difference in environmental issues, and Graves knows how to use art in that platform. Neither want to be seen as people who saw a disaster, and did nothing.

Like many young men pursuing an exciting music career, they are too busy to get bored.  They are touring the United States in May and June, visiting Chicago, Colorado Springs, San Francisco, Seattle and more. Graves is writing a novel. Taming anxiety and corralling focus are their biggest challenges.

What is the most overrated virtue? According to Graves, “Confidence. Confidence doesn’t just materialize because you think happy thoughts. Lack of confidence isn’t the root cause of unhappiness. It is a symptom of something deeper. Do what you are passionate about, do it well, and you earn the confidence you need to succeed.”

Moreover, “Perfect happiness doesn’t exist,” says Funk. “Doing what you love, loving and being loved is what leads to quality of life. Don’t get too distracted by suffering.”

Neither Graves or Funk can point to a leader who inspires them. Instead, they are craving a leader and experiencing a huge void there.

Listen to their song “Away,” feataured in a recent Discount Tires commercial, and one of my favorites.


Pre-order Trapdoor Social’s new album here.

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Author: Carisa Carlton

Carisa Carlton is the Editor in Chief of Laguna Beach Gazette. Learn more about Carlton at .

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